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Oska Pulse Pain & Recovery

Oska Pulse Pain & Recovery

This product may assist with managing and reducing pain, with benefits to health and wellbeing, as the exhausting effects can diminish health and quality of life.


Pain relief - reduces inflammation and increases blood flow at the pain site.  This is an approved medical device in a range of countries.


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    Oska Pulse uses pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology, which emits energy at different wavelengths to stimulate your body's natural recovery process.


    This type of technology is commonly used in medical settings, including post-surgical healing and cancer treatment.


    PEMF has helped to reduce pain in the feet, lower back, knees and more. Instead of taking a body-wide approach to pain relief (like OTC or other drugs), the Oska Pulse works locally.


    You can place it virtually anywhere on your body, under or over your clothes. It essentially reduces inflammation and increases blood flow at the pain site, encouraging cellular repair.

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    For more information, or to buy,  Click here 

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