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Lug + Carrie - Electric Bikes with Accessories (Australia - Vic & NSW)

Lug + Carrie - Electric Bikes with Accessories (Australia - Vic & NSW)

This product may assist with fitness, independence or enjoyment, with benefits to the environment and mental and physical wellbeing.  Always consult your doctor or health professional and take their advice.




Lug+Carrie has over 20 accessories and add-ons that can be combined in dozens of different ways, giving you a chance to customise your ride.  You ride the bike, we own the hassles. A low commitment, 4-week minimum subscription and stress-free ownership means you can do more of life by bike.


  • You can buy your bike if you like
  • We come to you for servicing
  • Switch bikes if your needs change
  • Swap accessories if you need a change
  • Minimal initial cost
  • Rider Rescue Cover
  • Insurance Included
  • Servicing included
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