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GripAble - Mobile Rehab Hand & Arm (UK Only)

GripAble - Mobile Rehab Hand & Arm (UK Only)

Making Rehab Mobile. - The mobile platform for assessment and training of hand and arm functions.




GripAble is a therapist-led company with a laser focus on the upper limb.  For the past eight years, they have been working in partnership with thousands of occupational and physiotherapists and patients across multiple clinical conditions and leading academic institutions. 


Their goal is to get accessible, effective, and engaging rehab technology into the hands of anyone that needs it. We are committed to delivering gold-standard upper limb assessment and training, from hospital to home.


For Therapists & Home Users

  • The GripAble Home platform provides fun and engaging training activities that focus on different aspects of grip, hand, and wrist movement, giving you real-time feedback on your activity and reps. Through the GripAble app, your therapist can create personalised training program and see your progress.

From hospital to home

  • GripAble has been designed with remote and home-based rehab at its heart and enables accurate assessment and ongoing training when face-to-face therapy isn’t possible. It’s easy to set goals and monitor activities against them.

GripAble sensors assess and train a wide range of hand and arm movements

  • Grip and release
  • Wrist flexion and extension
  • Pronation and supination


  • For use by therapists in clinic and in the community
  • Fun, engaging software to build motivation
  • Accurately assess and track activity, real-time reports
  • Use face-to-face or remotely
  • Set personalised goals for each individual user
  • Lightweight and portable - pop it in your pocket!
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