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Empatica - Embrace Plus

Empatica - Embrace Plus


This product can assist by providing health insights that may be of benefit to prevent, monitor or manage your health or that of someone you care for.


EmbracePlus, is world’s most advanced smartwatch for continuous health monitoring. Combining the precision of Empatica’s digital biomarkers with powerful sensors, a beautiful design, and on-wrist charging.



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    EmbracePlus has been engineered and designed to be the most powerful smartwatch in the world for physiological data collection. It comes in a beautiful design packed with advanced sensors, an E-Ink display, and a powerful on-wrist charger, making it the medical wearable people will never want to, or have to, take off.

    * One Medical Wearable for Multiple Conditions.

    Taking health monitoring beyond hospital walls

    Effective chronic disease management can help avoid hospitalisations and serious complications. EmbracePlus is the world’s most advanced wrist-worn health monitor, designed to be worn comfortably at home, in real life, all day long. Its human-friendly design and interface can encourage a better lifestyle while making tracking people’s health easy, instant, and continuous

    * The Official Smart Watch for the Space Health Program.

    EmbracePlus is a milestone in real-time monitoring and physiological data collection for research studies and clinical trials of any scale. Awarded a research grant to support NASA’s Translational Research Institute for Space Health, it will address the protection of human health and performance across long-duration, deep space exploration missions.

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