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BabyTone™ Fetal Heart Monitor

BabyTone™ Fetal Heart Monitor

Hear Your Baby's Heart. Detect and listen to the fetal heartbeat.




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    Peace of mind from knowing your baby’s health, tracking trends and sharing with health professionals.

    Hear Your Baby's Heart. Detect and listen to the fetal heartbeat. Review and share records.

    Track the Rhythm of Heart

    Wellue® BabyTone™ is more than a fetal Doppler.

    When you are expecting a baby, the mobile APP records every priceless milestone from the 12th week till the due date.

    All the historical data including baby’s heartbeat rate, heartbeat sounds, baby kicks, and even your notes, are stored for continually pregnancy track.

    Connect device to APP via Bluetooth

    Professional fetal heartbeat record tracking for your whole pregnancy cycle from the 12th week 

    2.5 MHz fetal Doppler probe with extended faceplate delivers easier positioning operation and more accurate measurement

    Large TFT LCD screen displays clear readings in digit and waveform

    Intelligent noise reduction unit offers clear tones without external interference

    Headphone port and built-in speaker for different demands

    Medical-grade biocompatible material 

    Charge battery withUSB Cable

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