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August -  Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)

August - Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)

This product may help you stay independent for longer, with benefits to you, your family, and your carers. Use cases may be for wandering, remotely opening for lost or forgotten keys, having a carer, health professional, or home help visit, or having a neighbor check-in if you're worried. Keep a record of the door being opened if there's a concern. Consider pairing it with a smart doorbell or entry camera.




Control and monitor your door from anywhere. Lock and unlock your door, control keyless access and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your phone.


The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation) and August app allows you to remotely lock or unlock your door, check door status, grant virtual guest keys and always know who’s coming and going.


A key that works everywhere. 
Connected out of the box with built-in Wi-Fi, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is easy to install and attaches to your existing deadbolt so you can keep your original keys.

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    For those who forget their keys, need to let a carer or health worker in, or want to set a temporary code for a cleaner or neighbour to drop by in an emergency.

    Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control (hub required and included, Alexa device sold separately) Control and monitor your door from anywhere.

    A key that works everywhere. Lock the front door. And unlock it. From anywhere.

    Connected right out of the box. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock requires no additional bridge to connect to Wi-Fi, so you get full voice and remote access functionality without the fuss. Requires 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

    Upgrade your existing lock. Easily attaches to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door - so you can continue to use your existing keys.

    Never fumble for your keys against Auto-unlock detects when you arrive and unlocks the door. Enable auto-lock to lock when the door closes.

    Send secure keys to friends, family or people you trust instantly, all from the August app. Cancel access any time.

    Biometric Verification Opt in to use your smartphone’s fingerprint or facial recognition as an added security verification before operating your lock remotely.

    The 4th generation smart lock from August, now 45% smaller.

    Control your door with your voice: Works with all three voice assistants - Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant - use your voice to control your door - such as lock/unlock or check the status of your door.

    Only August has DoorSense to tell you if your door is securely closed and locked Always know who is coming and going. Track activity at your doorstep with a 24/7 Activity Feed Keep your existing lock and keys.

    Easily attaches to your existing deadbolt; use your existing keys at anytime Locks automatically behind you, and unlocks as you approach Simple, DIY installation.

    Install in about 10 minutes with just a screwdriver Simply Speak to lock your door. Tell Alexa, Siri or the Google Assistant to control your August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

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