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Airofit (Respiratory)

Airofit (Respiratory)

This product measures breathing and lung capacity, which can have health and fitness benefits.


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Airofit makes respiratory training accessible to everyone.


With a few simple steps, Airofit measures your accessible lung capacity and respiratory muscle strength. This data is then combined with your age, gender, height, and weight to provide you with a tailored training program, where your data serves as a baseline.


The trainer adds resistance to your breathing muscle training It’s like taking your breathing muscles to the gym.   Airofit provides adjustable resistance levels to your breathing muscles, primarily the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, making them work harder during the exercises. It also tracks your breathing in real time and sends the data directly to your smartphone.


Live feedback, guidance, and progress tracking Airofit programs consist of a variation of 17 unique training sessions – all of which have been developed and tested by globally recognized breathing experts.  As you perform those exercises,


Airofit tracks your breathing and sends the data to the Airofit app on your smartphone in real time. You receive live feedback and guidance on how to perform all exercises correctly, and how well you are following the suggested patterns.



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