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Health Insights - Stay Well

Today we have extraordinary opportunities to be well, prevent health challenges, and understand what our bodies need.  
We use a GPS to guide us on the road, and a dashboard to tell us how the car is driving.  Yet sometimes we miss signs of what our bodies are doing, we go to the doctor with vague symptoms, or we carry concern about recovery or something that might (or might not) happen - without having information that is available to us.

Here's a view of what's available.
Man Sleeping

Sleep & O2

Find out how you're sleeping or why you're tired.

Features like:

Heart Rate
Hours of Sleep
Trend Tracking
Remote monitoring
"Restful sleep is important for recovery and wellbeing. Find out why you're waking up tired."
Always consult your doctor if you have symptoms or concerns.
Stoy Healt - SleepO2
Annual Check-up

General Health

If you're wondering what's happening for you or your family, see the data, find the problem, track trends, or share it with a medical professional.

Capture insights like:

Ears & nose
Heart rate & sleep (see other)
"We use a GPS and the car dashboard to guide us when driving.  Why not keep track of our health?"
Always consult your doctor if you have symptoms or concerns.
Story Health - Genera Health


Understanding heart health can benefit fitness, help with peace of mind if you have a concern, and may help prevent or reduce incidents. 

Capture insights like:

Heart rate
Irregular heartbeat/Afib
Remote monitoring
Alerts & Notifications
Trends, reports & sharing

"Heart disease is the #1 cause of death globally,  An estimated 80% of heart disease is preventable."  Source
Always consult your doctor if you have symptoms or concerns.
Story Health - Heart
Fit Woman

General Fitness

Improving fitness benefits everyone, all ages, and all genders. Benefits include controlling weight, increasing energy, preventing health conditions (like heart, stroke, type II diabetes, some cancers, anxiety & falls), improving sleep, mood & mental health,
Eat well, and exercise. It's the only body you have."
Always consult your doctor or health professional and follow their advice.
Story Health - General Fitness


Stress is a normal part of life, though a prolonged period of stress can impact physical health and mental wellbeing. Managing stress, resting, and relaxing is important at so many levels.  

Technology Products help to:
Identify signs (heart rate)
Get to sleep
Measure levels
"There are important non-technology solutions, like drinking water, exercising, talking with others, and being in nature. Technology may also assist."  
Always consult your doctor if you have symptoms or concerns.
Story Healh - Stress

Getting help

What can I do now?

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