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Giving patients and their families choices to be well, independent, and aware between visits.

Who We Help

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As GPs are the central point for holistic patient care, this is a chance to show leadership and empower patients and their families' with choices to look after themselves between visits.

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Care Coordinators are unique in their personal approach and value to patients, such as managing complex or chronic conditions, developing new behaviors, and preventing complications.


Specialists have the benefit of providing deep and trusted expertise, including the potential to support patients further in their transition home.

Options to Engage with Health Tech

1. Browse What's Possible

Browse what's possible and refer patients to take a look at a specific product or general area that might help them.

No Cost.  Available now.

Benefit: Increasing your knowledge, the ability to form your opinions, and giving patients choices.
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2. Show Your Patients & Team You're Across It

Let your patients and team know you're aware of their engagement with health technology, and provide them guidance.

We can write an article for your newsletter on health tech, or run a session for your team, patients, or members (that aligns with your focus).  No Cost for a limited time.

Benefit: Add value. Position your brand as innovative and striving to give them the best options (or insights).
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Virtual Team Meeting

3. Offer Tailored Experiences

Offer a dedicated page for your Practice or client base.

We can curate the right subset of health and home tech that aligns with your focus, eg. Top GP visits, Pediatrics, Dementia, or Autism. We keep it human, high quality, the tech updated, and with shareable brochures and quick guides on 'how to use or read the data. We can also package bundles in a helpful 'care package'.

This means you'll have a dedicated page, to show you care while patients and clients aren't with you, and help, yet reduce the face-to-face time and responsibility.  Free 3 month trial.
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Who We Are


Our team has the vision to support you and your patients in keeping up with the latest in consumer health technology, so your patients can benefit from everything you currently do, and see you as a leader in giving them options to make life easier when you can't be with them.
We'reexperienced in the fields of consumer technology, medicine, psychology, and clinical governance, working internationally from Australia to Sweden to Silicon Valley.

We provide the latest of the world's best health-related technology in one place, we keep it updated so you don't have to, and we make it easy to understand and search. 
  • We're independent (we don't offer any products of our own)
  • We assess products for quality and approvals
  • We anticipate related needs such as taking medication, monitoring health or helping family to support
  • We're focussed on people, making technology's benefits human, and getting outcomes
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