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Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Wi-Fi Smart Plug

This product can help you remain independent, by easily automating or voice activating lights and appliances. Benefits for you and your family, managing devices yourself or with the help of your family.


Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitor, App Remote Control, Compatible with Google Home and IFTTT - Alexa, Google Home, iOS and Android Compatible.




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    Independence, comfort and safety at home, by turning almost any device into one you can ask, check, set, alert or control by voice. By you or those who help you.

    • Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitor
    • App Remote Control, Compatible with Google Home and IFTTT - Alexa, Google Home, iOS and Android Compatible
    • Remote Control: Turn electronics on/off from anywhere with your Meross app (iOS & Android).
    • Program in the app a timer for all the devices (plugs and surge protectors), by setting the scene mode.
    • Voice Control: Works with Google Assistant and IFTTT. You can control your devices hands free, just make a voice commands to turn on/off the connected devices.
    • Life on Schedule: You can also set automatic daily timers or create on/off schedules so that your devices can turn on and off on their own. Schedule the air conditioner or radiator to turn on before you arrive. Auto-off function turns lights and other devices off after X minutes or hours every time you set them on. You will never forget turn off the electric appliance.
    • Energy Monitoring: Check to see the status of connected devices from anywhere. Track real-time and historical power consumption of any device plugged into the smart plug with the meross app.
    • Excellent Quality and Service Guarantee
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