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Visual Clock - Picture Reminders & Alarms

Visual Clock - Picture Reminders & Alarms

This product can assist with peace of mind and independence, by understanding the date, day and time, and remembering to do what keeps you well.  May be helpful for those challenged by reduced vision, hearing, memory, or learning ability.




  • Remote Control and 19 Alarms
    The calendar alarm clock gains a handy remote control for easier operation! Clearly spells out the full DAY of the WEEK,MONTH and DATE in large bold letters. Preloaded 19 Alarms with colored image icons (Drink Some Water/Wash Hands/Take Medications...etc.), auto Night-Dim (10PM to 6AM), MORE calendar and clock themes. Ideally suited for the desk clock or easily mountable for wall clock.
  • Multiple Text Colors & Custom Alarms
    This Digital Alarm Clock has multiple text-screen colors to protect your eyes and meet your color preferences, easier to read for elderly seniors with vision impaired or trouble of color distinction. Besides, You can custom personal alarms for important schedules, perfect for heavy sleepers with memory loss and often confused seniors or schoolkids.
  • Auto Time Protection
     In the event of a loss of power to the clock, the day date clock will maintain the correct time internally. This calendar clock provides time awareness throughout the day, beneficial for seniors to be self-independent and regain dignity. The sharp non-glare clear time and date display can be seen from across the room, great assistance for those visually impaired
  • Frustration-Free Giftable Package
    The package box does not show any texts of Dementia, or Alzheimer's, the perfect gift for the elderly or the school kids. Large AM/PM or 24 Hour mode, non-abbreviation date mode can be DAY-MONTH-YEAR or MONTH-DAY-YEAR,5 LANGUAGES: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.


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