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Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences

Designed to trigger new experiences, bring joy, take a trip down memory lane, empathise with others perspectives and invoke delight and happiness that invigorates body and mind.  


Cardboard headsets (lowest cost ie. ~$20) - Click here

Plastic frame headset (ie. $50-$200) - Click here

Specialist headset ($300) - Click here 


See content Click Here

To see VR experiences for Aged Care providers Click Here


1. Think about what you're hoping for

  • bringing new experiences for someone who can't travel or is undergoing treatment?
  • bringing delight, personal growth or enjoyment (games, VR interactive stories)
  • helping explore passions (NASA, ocean life or art), a childhood stomping ground (flying over Israel, Cornwall or ) or geography (The Amazon or Antarctica)


2. Decide on the relevant VR headset, price point, and capability.

  • If you have a smartphone you can place inside a VR headset frame, or if you want the content delivery built into the headset
  • Will this be a chance to try something with little investment, or are you setting up an immersive environment eg. sound/headphones, game player, etc


3. Select and connect to content that best meets your needs or interests.

  • Such as Google Earth, BBC Earth, Disney, Google Expeditions,  Arts & Culture, Travel through the Human Body, Science, and Technology, NASA, Ocean life, History. (see more ideas below)
  • For those capable or curious, consider combining with a drone to fly over and view from an iPad or via a VR headset


4.  Once experienced, talk about the experience, try it together taking turns. 

  • Ask questions
  • Make observations
  • Share the experience, and your views, with others in new conversations
  • Challenge what's next 



A VR headset.

The best starter experiences are headset devices worn over your eyes, with an extension earphones or you can plug a normal set of earbuds into the jack. The front has a sliding component, that enables a smartphone to be inserted while you are using the headset. 


The most expensive, standalone ones have the technology inbuilt and are often used for training simulations or gaming such as the Oculus.


True VR experience enables you to interact with the objects in your virtual world.  The more accessible way to view “VR” is via 360-degree video, where you can look in any direction at your will and what’s around you.


VR Content that's popular and accessible includes for example here:

  • Google Expeditions
  • Google Earth VR
  • Netflix VR (Littlestar App)
  • BBC Earth
  • Skydiving
  • Scuba Diving with sharks
  • The Edge of Space
  • Slide down a water slide
  • Music concerts and performances
  • Roller coaster ride
  • Swim with dolphins
  • National Geographic experiences
  • Visit famous landmarks
  • Visit the Sistine Chapel
  • Science fiction
  • Be part of the SpaceX NASA lift off
  • Play games
  • Through the human body
  • Kids games and video characters such as Disney
  • Experience Dementia or Alzheimer's or walk through a home in someone else’s eyes.
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