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Sofihub Personal Alarm Beacon

Sofihub Personal Alarm Beacon

This product may help you stay independent and safer for longer, with benefits to you, families, and carers.


Pendant and SOS alarm that works wherever there is 3G or 4G coverage. GPS locating, calling, with a speakerphone and microphone built-in.


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    Help others find you when you need - not sure where you are, why you’re out or if something doesn’t seem right. Stay safe and be located quickly.

    When help is needed, users can simply press the SOS button on the SOFIHUB beacon to notify up to three emergency contacts.

    The SOFIHUB beacon has 2 way voice communication so it provides your emergency contacts with the ability to call the beacon, should they need to contact you.

    Simple, stylish and lightweight, SOFIHUB beacon accesses the full Telstra mobile network, with built-in GPS tracking and customised software as standard.

    The help messages sent by the SOFIHUB beacon show the wearer’s location with accuracy to within 2 meters, and people can call the mobile number of the pendant to be put through to speakerphone mode.

    3G/4G Mobile network access Calls up to 3 family or friends GPS and Google maps to help find the wearer immediately Friends and family can call the pendant Waterproof and comfortable design Price includes delivery, setup and SIM card

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