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Smartwatch - SmartMonitor Inspyre

Smartwatch - SmartMonitor Inspyre

This product can assist with managing health, safety and increasing wellbeing, with benefits to you, your family or carers.  This product can also benefit hospitals and medical practitioners, including clinical studies, patient and episodic insights and remote monitoring.




An application for smartwatches that notifies carers of repetitive shaking.  Specialist peace of mind for detecting seizures and alerting caregivers. Currently works with Samsung and AppleWatches.  You download the App. and then activate the subscription services


NOTE: This was previously a dedicated SmartWatch, now it's an App installed on the above.


Wearable technology for people prone to seizures/ SmartMonitor Inspyre ™ is an easy to use, non-invasive wristwatch application that continuously monitors movements and instantly alerts family members and caregivers upon the onset of repetitive shaking.


Instantly Alerts Caregivers and Loved Ones : The instant Inspyre™ detects abnormal movement, and reliably issues text and phone call alerts to designated contacts, such as caregivers and family members.


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    Smart Monitor recently announced the launch of SmartWatch Inspyre™ for the Apple Watch. This new application uses a unique algorithm to recognize a wearer’s repetitive shaking movements that may indicate a convulsive (tonic-clonic) seizure is occurring. The application can send alerts to family members and caregivers so they can come to the aid of the person having a seizure. Smart Monitor’s SmartWatch solution is already available on other wearable device platforms including Android devices.

    "The SmartWatch has helped improve safety for many people over the years. By detectiing when seizures with repeated movements occur, a person can get help sooner," said Editor-in-Chief Dr. Joseph I Sirven. "The new advances in SmartWatch Inspyre using Apple Watch will make this technology more accessible to many more people with epilepsy."

    SmartWatch Inspyre Features

    • Data collected by the application is stored in a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud for review and analysis.
    • Users can track mobility, heart rate, and symptoms with the application.
    • In addition to the alerting function, users can set reminders and store health data.
    • Features in development include sleep and activity monitoring.

    Visit the Smart Monitor website for information related to iPhone battery life, GPS and WiFi usage, and subscription plans.

    In the event that abnormal movement is detected, the watch triggers the accompanying smartphone app to send SOS alerts out to one or several defined SOS contacts.

    Within seconds, family members receive the SmartWatch alerts, which include the date, time, GPS location and duration of the event.

    Alerts can be sent to any phone, anywhere.

    Users can also summon help with the push of a button. It is both Android and iOS compatible.

    Detects Abnormal Motion :  

    Inspyre™ continuously monitors the wearer and detects repetitive shaking motion similar to those caused by seizures.

    Summon Help at the Press of a Button :

    Inspyre™ enables the user to quickly summon help with the press of a button.

    Securely Access Event Data :

    Inspyre™ records the time, location, duration, and severity of all alerted events. Data is available for secure access and review by wearers and their clinicians.

    GPS-Enabled Location :

    Alerts and recorded events include the GPS physical location of your loved one.

    Heart Rate :

    Inspyre™ records the user’s heart rate during an alerted event (Gold plan only).

    Reminders & Notification :

    Users can schedule customized reminder alerts.

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