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Smart LB -  Anti-Lost Bluetooth Enabled Wallet with Alarm

Smart LB - Anti-Lost Bluetooth Enabled Wallet with Alarm

This product may assist those with memory-related challenges, saving time locating lost cards or a lost wallet, with benefits to you or your family.


Easy find wallet in black leather.  Track your lost wallet or sound an alarm to locate it.  Available in other colors and finishes.




This is a Smart Anti-Lost Wallet with Alarm, Bluetooth, Remote-Photographing & Position-Record (via Phone-GPS).

It features a 2-Way Anti-lost function whereby you can ring the wallet from the phone or ring the phone from the wallet.

An alarm will sound when the wallet or the phone is left behind or stolen. Furthermore, this smart-wallet will send its last known position on the phone to help find it easily if it gets lost. It also features a fast-charging function coupled with long-standby whereby only 5-hours of charging provide up to 1-month of operation.

Download the free “Bseek-App” on Google-Play or App-Store to connect the Smart LB wallet and your cellphone via Bluetooth.


The wallet is made of top-grain leather that is soft-to-touch, durable & breathable. Features 3 card-slots, 1 ID-display window, 1 main-pocket & 1 secondary-pocket.


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