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Sensoria Fitness Wearable Socks

Sensoria Fitness Wearable Socks

Socks that track walking and running style, impact, and gait may be suitable for injury recovery.



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    Sensoria® socks are infused with proprietary 100% textile sensors.

    They are paired with a Bluetooth Smart cool and detachable Core that not only delivers superior accuracy in step counting, speed, calories, altitude and distance tracking, but goes well beyond that to track cadence, foot landing technique and the impact score generated as you walk and run.


    Sensoria® may help you identify injury-prone running styles (heel striking, ball striking, etc), then leverages a mobile app to coach the runner in real-time via audio cues.


    The Sensoria® dashboard can also help achieve goals, improve performance and reduce risk of gravitating back to bad tendencies. With Sensoria Run v2.0 and our new web dashboard, you receive a graphical representation and trend analysis after each session. You can choose to display your results by session, day, week or month and compare your results over time.


    With our virtual shoe closet, you are able to compare your results and compare your shoes against a database of well over 8,000 models of running shoes.


    Our odometer feature will even let you know when it might be time to invest in a new pair of shoes.


    NOTE: Real-Time data collection and Virtual Coach REQUIRES Bluetooth Smart enabled phone. For iPhones, this means iPhone 4S and later models. Please check the specifications of your phone to confirm. The Sensoria® Fitness app is available for iPhone (iOS 10 and above).

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