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Ring - Stick Up Cam Elite (HD / 1080p, Wired to Power) (Single or Multipack)

Ring - Stick Up Cam Elite (HD / 1080p, Wired to Power) (Single or Multipack)

The product may assist in monitoring those we care for at home, for their safety, detecting mishaps, reducing worry, or assisting with security - with benefits for you, family, and carers.


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Place it indoors or out, on a wall or any flat surface, and always know when people come and go with motion-activated notifications, 1080p HD video, infrared night vision and two-way talk.

Choose plug-in power with Wi-Fi or Power over Ethernet.


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    Key Features:

    • Monitors indoor or outdoor areas at home in 1080p HD video with a slim design that mounts almost anywhere.
    • Lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet or PC.
    • Sends notifications to your device as soon as movement is detected.
    • Lets you check on your home any time with Live View on-demand video.
    • Works with select Alexa devices to launch real-time video with your voice.
    • Connects to Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
    • Easy to install yourself, with all the accessories you need included

    Goes Everywhere. Sees Everything.
    Add eyes and ears inside or out with the versatile camera that goes almost anywhere. With countless placement options and customisable motion settings, you can find your perfect setup for you and your home.

    Cover Every Corner:
    Up High:
    Mount it on the side of your garage or a wall in the living room. You can make sure the pets don’t get into too much trouble. Or check to see if there’s anyone snooping in your yard.

    Down Low:
    It also goes on a flat surface like an entry table inside or your deck outside. You can watch the pets play at home while you’re at work. Or just make sure there’s no one sneaking on your porch.

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