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Ring Spotlight Camera & Siren (Solar)

Ring Spotlight Camera & Siren (Solar)

This product may help you stay independent, engaged, secure with peace of mind, and connected to others which fosters wellbeing.  Benefits to you, your family, and your carers.




This may be of value when you can't be with someone living independently as you'd like. Use cases include checking movement or lack of movement, wandering at unusual hours, monitoring expected visits for safety or routine checking, or detecting unwanted visits. Consider combining it with a smart door lock.


Ring Spotlight Camera & Siren. 


  • Brilliant 1080HD video
  • Wide-angle camera lens
  • Built-in microphone and speakers
  • Adjustable motion sensitivity
  • Instant motion-activated alerts
  • Includes built-in LED light strips and a siren
  • Includes Lifetime Theft Protection: If your Camera gets stolen, we’ll replace it for free
  • Lets you see, hear, and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC


Save, Review and Share Your Ring Videos


Alexa and Ring let you monitor your home from the comfort of your couch. When anyone steps on your property and triggers Ring’s built-in motion sensors, you can see who’s there with Alexa. And if you want a real-time look at all the activity at home, simply ask Alexa to show you the Camera.”

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    Independent and secure at home with battery-powered camera with two-way talk and spotlights, for security anywhere you need it.

    Battery-powered HD camera with two-way talk and spotlights, for security anywhere you need it.

    A built-in spotlight gives you crisp video around the clock, and night vision has you covered, even with the lights off. For added security, there’s a 110-decibel alarm to help you scare off intruders. With an adjustable mount and wire-free design, Spotlight Cam Battery installs in any location.

    The quick-release rechargeable battery pack lets you easily charge your Cam without moving the device.

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