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Ring - (Not yet released) Always Home : Autonomous Drone Camera

Ring - (Not yet released) Always Home : Autonomous Drone Camera


This product may provide assistance to people living independently, with the ability for family or carers to check in remotely to ensure security and wellbeing. 




A small indoor drone that thinks it's a security guard. It flies around your home on a preset path to check on the little things. Did you leave the cooktop on? Shut that window?


And was the alarm you received a false one, the cat or a burglar? All from the ring team that also makes smart doorbells and security cameras.


  • Description

    The Ring Always Home Cam easily integrates with the Ring Alarm home security system—charting a new path forward not just for how people use security cameras, but also for the benefits of a home alarm system.

    When Ring Alarm is triggered while in Away Mode, the Always Home Cam will automatically fly a set path to see what’s happening. You can easily stream video while the camera is in-flight via the Ring App, making sure that you’re in the know when it comes to everything happening at home.

    The Always Home Cam was built with privacy top of mind both in the physical design and the way it is used. The device rests in the base and the camera is physically blocked when docked. The camera will only start recording when the device leaves the base and starts flying via one of the preset paths.

    The Always Home Cam was even designed to hum at a certain volume, so it’s clear the camera is in motion and is recording. This is privacy you can hear.

    The set-up process for the Always Home Cam is also key to this foundation of privacy. When you go through the setup process and set your preferred flight paths, you are ensuring that the Always Home Cam will only fly where you want it to go. It cannot be manually controlled, ensuring that it will only record and see what is important to you.

    Safety was also a primary consideration when designing the Always Home Cam. Obstacle avoidance technology allows it to avoid unexpected objects as it moves on the pre-set paths, and its small size, lightweight design and shrouded propellers enable it to move safely throughout the home.

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