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OneTouch® Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems

OneTouch® Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems

Diabetes monitor - easy for travel good size LED display, accurate reading in 5 seconds, stores up to 500 results including reminders.


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  • ColorSure® technology instantly shows when your blood sugar numbers are in or out of range.
  • Compact, slim design so it's easy to take with you.
  • Syncs data seamlessly with the free OneTouch Reveal® mobile app.
  • Uses OneTouch Verio® test strips — 9 years of proven accuracy at very low and very high blood glucose levels.
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    OneTouch Verio Flex

    Simple to Use

    With ColourSure Technology, instantly shows when your blood glucose results are in or out of range.

    Long Lasting Battery

    The Verio Flex’s long lasting lithium battery allows for up to 950 hours of continuous use.

    Proven Accuracy

    OneTouch’s Verio Strips require just a small speck of blood to provide accurate results in 5 seconds.


    Be proactive about your health, predict and prevent problems or share with your health professional.

    This glucometer is one of the most commonly used monitors—and with good reason. The device has larger display numbers for easier readouts, and it’s very simple to operate. It only takes five seconds to deliver your results, and it provides before-and-after meal averages so you can better understand how the foods you eat impact your blood glucose.


    The monitor can store up to 500 test results in its internal memory, and a single battery can power the device for six to 12 months, depending on how frequently you test your blood sugar.


    One of its best features is that it uses test strips that are compatible with at least a half-dozen other glucometers from One Touch and are available at almost every store that stocks diabetic supplies.



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    For more information, or to buy, CLICK HERE

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