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Omron - MC720 Digital Forehead Thermometer

Omron - MC720 Digital Forehead Thermometer

This product can assist with managing and monitoring general health, detecting temperatures that may help guide medical decisions or provide insight.




The MC-720 thermometer provides non-contact forehead temperature measurement suitable for all ages, including infants and young children.

  • Instant, one-second reading
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • 3 measurement modes (Forehead, surface and room temperature)
  • Backlight provides visibility in the dark
  • Easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius


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  • Description


    The main MC720 Product Features are as follows
    * Selectable °C / °F
    * Backlight
    * Provides visibility in the dark
    * Last Reading on the Same Display with Current Reading
    * Silent Mode
    * 25 Memories
    * 3-in-1 Measurement Modes as below.

    (1) Forehead Measurement Mode
    This mode displays the oral-equivalent value of the measured forehead temperature. This unit measures the temperature at the surface of the forehead by sensing infrared emission of the skin at the measured point, and then calculates the oral-equivalent value using a unique algorithm based on actual body temperature survey data.

    (2)Room Temperature Mode
    The unit will display the room temperature even after the power is off.

    (3) Surface Measurement Mode
    Surface measurement mode shows the actual and unadjusted surface temperature of an object, which is different from the body temperature. This mode can help you determine if the object temperature is suitable for a patient or baby (such as baby milk).

    Gentle and Easy to Use
    The MC720 Forehead Thermometer is non-intrusive. A measurement can be taken even while the child is sleeping. It offers a more comfortable temperature measurement especially for young children.

    Hold the unit with the probe lens 1 to 3cm away from the centre of the forehead.

    Simply press the START button and measurement is complete in 1 second.

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