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NutTAG 4G GPS Smartwatch - Adults & Children (Australia)

NutTAG 4G GPS Smartwatch - Adults & Children (Australia)

This product may help you stay active, safe, and independent for longer, with benefits to you, families, and carers.


CLICK HERE for Adults     


CLICK HERE for Children


This is a smartwatch designed for kids & seniors, with real-time GPS tracking that allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your loved ones via the mobile App, video calling, messaging and more.


Emergency SOS and Two way communication means you're always close by.



  • Description

    The GPS smart watch is available for either 3G or 4G networks and in various colours. Key features include


    (1) Emergency SOS :

    For emergency situations activate the on-board SOS to receive instant alerts via your App, email, SMS or voice call.

    (2) Geo Fence / Safety Regions :

    Receive alerts whenever GPS watch enters or exits proximity of your custom safe or danger zones.

    (3) Instant Notifications / Alerts :

    In app push notifications, Email and SMS. Low battery, Geo-fence and SOS. *Extra cost dependent on SIM provider you choose.

    (4) Two Way Voice Communication :

    Speak direct over your watch just like a mobile phone. *Extra cost dependent on SIM provider chosen.

    (5) Camera :

    On board camera allows photo and video capture.

    (6) Live Tracking :

    Find the location of your loved one at any point in time.

    (7) Water Resistant :

    IPX5 Standard (Spill resistant)

    (8) Do Not Disturb :

    Set a do not disturb time period to ensure the watch will not be a distraction during your defined times

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