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Memory & Lifestory - Digital Media Collection

Memory & Lifestory - Digital Media Collection

This product may help with joy, wellbeing, and memory-related challenges, with benefits to you, families, and carers.


Where memories keep living. Because your life deserves more than a shoebox. Memories is the easy-to-use online platform to tell, share, and save your stories for future generations. Private. Secure. Ad-free.



  • Description

    Display memories on a beautiful timeline
    Capture the colour of a full life. Your story, your words. Bring your Timeline to life with photos, videos, and more. Create ​one ​for yourself, someone else, or even your local sports club or business.

    Keep your story alive long after you’ve gone
    Having digital copies future-proofs your memories for years to come.

    Once you show everyone in your family how amazing your digital memories look, you could convince them all to do the same - or you could do it for them if you’re a great family member.

    The benefit to digitizing your entire extended family’s shoebox is that the memories will live on forever - let’s face it, that old shoebox isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

    Add your now-digital media to a Memories page, which can act as a family tree for generations to come. Imagine your children’s children looking at and adding to an interactive timeline of their ancestors.

    ‘OK Google, show my high school formal photos’
    If you previously wanted to find an old picture or video tape, you would have to go into the storage cupboard and dig out your shoebox.

    And then you actually have dig through all the unorganised chaos to find the one item you were looking for.

    Digitizing your memories makes it convenient and accessible to find a photo with the click of a few buttons, with some programs allowing you to add tags for extra ease - find all the photos with a “cat” in just a matter of seconds.

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