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NUHEARA -IQbuds2 MAX : Advanced Hearing Buds.

NUHEARA -IQbuds2 MAX : Advanced Hearing Buds.

Help Autism, Tinnitus , ASD, APD.  IQbuds customise hearing controls depending on what you want to focus on; IQbuds MAX for APD and Autism


Relieve your child’s auditory overload.




IQbuds2 MAX with Active Noise Cancellation and Ear IDTM hearable technology gives you the power to personalize, control and alter your soundscape. This can have a significant benefit for people with conditions that include Autism, Tinnitus, ASD and APD.


Active Noise Cancellation+
Block noise, elevate conversation or focus on a sound direction; IQbuds2 MAX delivers unrivalled noise control with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Speech in Noise Control (SINC) and directional FOCUS.

EAR ID Personalization
Nuheara was the first to introduce personalization to the hearing bud experience. With Ear ID, you can assess your hearing and adapt your buds to your own hearing profile.

Voice First
Take your voice assistant world with you by connecting to SIRI and Google Assistant. IQbuds2 MAX allows you to combine your digital world with the world around you.

Sound Fidelity Beyond Compare
A large 9.2mm dynamic driver with vented acoustical design IQbuds2 MAX delivers pitch-perfect sound fidelity never experienced before from a truly wireless earbud.

TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020
IQbuds² MAX were selected for the prestigious TIME Best Inventions of 2020. TIME assess each entry using key criteria, including originality, creativity, influence, ambition and effectiveness, only selecting 100 products and innovations for the list.

Nuheara IQbuds² MAX was selected as one of the Best
Inventions of 2020, in the Consumer Electronics category.

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    Pre-order. IQbuds customise hearing controls depending what you want to focus on ; IQbuds MAX for APD and Autism With IQbuds you can customize what you want to hear in different environments.

    You can reduce background noise and focus on speech and find a blend between your audio streams and the world around you.

    The IQbuds App allows you to adjust your soundscape to enhance your hearing comfort.

    You have the control to hear what you want to hear. Process the world around you with more comfort.

    Advanced in-ear technology

    Award-winning IQbuds2 MAX gives your child the ability to adapt their sound environment to make their world more comfortable, enhancing their ability to concentrate in environments where they currently struggle.

    These noise-canceling earbuds for autism, APD, and other auditory issues offer different preset noise controls for different situations, and personalized levels of sound adjustment to enhance the quality of life.

    MEET KAI “After his first day at school with the earbuds, I asked Kai how it went and he said it was great, and it was also bad.

    He said it was great because he could finally hear the teacher, but bad because now that he could hear the teacher, he had to do what she said.” ~ Mel (Kai’s mom)

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