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Google Nest Home

Google Nest Home

These products can help you remain independent, by easily automating or voice activating lights and appliances. Benefits for you and your family, managing it yourself or with the help of others remotely.


A range of smart home products that work with Google home.


For more information, or to buy, visit any one of many sites and retailers, such as Google Nest

CLICK HERE - Thermostat and Air Quality or

Click HERE - Google Indoor and Outdoor Cameras


Independence, comfort, and safety at home, by turning almost any device into one you can ask, check, set, alert, or control by voice, by you or those who help you.


Apps, Devices, Light bulbs, Cameras, Sound, Plugs, Doors, Sensors, Music, TV.. Google Nest Smart Home devices include:

  • Google Nest Smart Speakers
  • Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
  • Google Chromecast - Turn on your TV with voice or say “Google, show me the news on TV
  • Nest Wifi Hub Nest Protect - thinks, speaks, and acts beautifully to let you know when there’s smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide, or if it needs a battery change. Silence the alarm from your phone, locate the problem area, have others alerted with alarms or messages. Lights up at night when you walk under it.
  • Google Nest Hubs works with providers of lights, smart plugs, home security providers, appliances.
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