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GOGO Band  - Predicts Averts & Stops Bedwetting

GOGO Band - Predicts Averts & Stops Bedwetting

This product may help with health and wellbeing related challenges, with benefits to little people and those of all ages and their families and carers.


Safe, effective, and 100% drug-free.


Unlike alarms, pads, and diapers, GOGO Band proactively predicts and averts bedwetting IN ADVANCE to keep your child dry. It even works for deep sleepers and after a short period of use children usually stop wetting the bed for good!


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  • Description

    The comfortable, wearable band and tablet system fit seamlessly into your life and do not carry any of the concerns or costs associated with taking medication.

    GOGO Band trains the brain to successfully recognize and respond to the body’s natural “bladder full” signal.

    GOGO Band gives your child and family a renewed sense of confidence to successfully overcome bedwetting.

    The GOGO Band Parent App alerts you in advance of a bedwetting incident and tracks their daily progress.

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