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Eve Connected Home Sensors

Eve Connected Home Sensors

This product can help you remain independent, by easily automating or voice activating lights and appliances. Benefits for you and your family, managing it yourself or with the help of others remotely.


A range of connected home devices, beautifully designed. Motion. air. Plugs, Water, Camera, Lighting.


For more information, or to buy, CLICK HERE 


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    Independence, comfort and safety at home, by turning almost any device into one you can ask, check, set, alert or control by voice. By you or those who help you A range of beautifully designed connected home devices.

    Easily and simply installed and monitored. Buy independently or in bundles. Set automation, triggers and scenes. Integrates with voice assistants and Home hub controllers.

    Camera Water Guard Leaks Lighting Doors and Windows Sensors Motion Sensor Air Quality sensors Smart Radiator Bluetooth Extender Smart Plugs

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    For more information, or to buy, CLICK HERE

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