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Empatica - Embrace 2 Smartwatch

Empatica - Embrace 2 Smartwatch

This medical quality smartwatch may assist in detecting seizures, and monitoring activity and sleep, with benefits to you, your family, or health professional.




Embrace 2 is a wearable device that provides peace of mind for people living with epilepsy.

Embrace 2 uses advanced machine learning to detect unusual patterns that may be associated with convulsive seizures.

The Alert App sends Caregivers an SMS and automated phone call when Embrace detects patterns that may be associated with a convulsive seizure.



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    Help with seizures and sleep tracking - prevent incidents and alert others while you sleep.

    Embrace’s groundbreaking technology uses advanced machine learning to detect patterns that may be associated with convulsive seizures, and instantly notifies caregivers with a call and text message for immediate assistance

    The Embrace watch is linked to the wearer’s mobile device through a Bluetooth® connection. This connection allows Empatica’s systems to analyse the information and detect unusual events like convulsive seizures in real-time and alert family members and caregivers who can then intervene.

    You can check your entire day at a glance in an easy to understand way. Not only during exercise, but also at work, during your commute, during the night. You can customise it to suit your needs and behaviour.

    To make use of the Embrace you will require a compatible Smartphone or Tablet, and related Support Plan.

    When you buy an Embrace, we provide you with a 30 day free trial of our 'Plus Plan' so that you can test all the features available, including Alert Location and Unlimited Caregivers. You can then decide what plan you require moving forwards.

    We hope that by testing out all of the features, you’ll be able to easily decide which plan is best for you.

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