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Ellie Monthly Pill Organizer - Alarm & Phone Notifications

Ellie Monthly Pill Organizer - Alarm & Phone Notifications

This product can assist with regular taking of medicine, helping you or someone you care about to stay well.  Benefits to you, and your family or caregiving due to peace of mind and assistance as a team if needed.




Monthly Pill Organizer by Ellie | Organize Pills in Seconds | Alarm & Phone Notification | Caregiver Notifications | Lights Indicate Which Pills to Take and How Many


  • SMART ALARMS (PATENT PENDING): Do you sometimes take your pills early or late? Do you take your pills at different times on the weekend? No worries! Enable smart alarms and Ellie will use hall effect sensors and machine learning to adjust alarms to your schedule.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE PILL MANAGEMENT: Organize your pills in just seconds, receive notifications whenever it is time to take your pills and keep track of your compliance over time.
  • FITS 30 DAYS WORTH OF MEDICATIONS: Each small compartment fits an entire bottle of small pills and each large compartment can fit 7 large pills.
  • HALL EFFECT SENSORS: Track medication adherence in order to notify you when it's time to order a refill, create adherence reports, and keep caregivers updated.



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