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ecobee Smart Sensor for Doors and Windows

ecobee Smart Sensor for Doors and Windows

This product can assist with safety at home, sounding an alarm and sending notifications for movement and doors and windows being opened. with benefits to you and your family or carer.


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Secure your home’s doors and windows with contact sensors that monitor entry, exit, and motion. Get smart, customizable alerts when entry, exit, or motion is detected inside your home (requires an ecobee Smart Security subscription)

The products acts as a motion sensor for even more coverage: receive an alert the moment SmartSensor’s wide 120° motion sensor catches activity inside your home up to 16 feet away

No installation is required: simply attach the sensor to any door or window to get started in minutes

ecobee backs SmartSensor for doors and windows for 3 years. It comes with 5-year battery life.

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