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CarePredict Tempo

CarePredict Tempo

This product may help you stay independent for longer and gain important health insights, with benefits to you, your family, and caregivers.


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A wearable device, tracking habits, falls, providing communication and assistance, and giving insights to behaviors and habits.


Never miss a thing. Know if they...

  • are skipping meals
  • haven't gotten out of bed
  • aren't sleeping well
  • ...or if things are different than usual

A smart wearable for seniors - CarePredict @Home uses AI to learn and follow daily habits so you can rest assured your loved one is safe, wherever you are and whatever they’re doing.

  • Eating
  • Walking
  • Location pattern
  • Activity level
  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep quality
  • Cooking
  • Bathing
  • Eating duration


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    Help to connect with others when you fall or need to talk; get data to understand trends and behaviours

    The CarePredict Tempo™ Series 3 notices the small changes that can precede serious risks like falls, malnutrition, depression, and UTIs – enabling early attention days before something happens.

    Available in a variety of designs to suit their style. Best-in-Class Technology Sophisticated sensors recognize, learn, and track daily activities and behaviors – even sensing exposure to UV light.

    Touch-to-Talk A built-in button lets them get your attention with a simple press.

    Always On An in-place, swappable battery means never having to take off to recharge.

    Two-Way Audio Speak directly to each other for the reassurance both of you need.

    Intelligent Fall Detection Sophisticated sensors continuously learn and improve over time to alert you when there may have been a fall.

    Location Insights Context Beacons give insight into where they spend their time – like if they’ve been to the kitchen to cook, or they've spent more time than usual in the bathroom.

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