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Apps - Medisafe Pill Reminder

Apps - Medisafe Pill Reminder

This product can assist with improving health and staying well, with benefits to you, your family and carers.


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(Free  and Premium/Pro versions available)


Medisafe’s medication reminder app is number one for a reason. With Medisafe, you get personalized reminders for each of your medications and vital drug interaction warnings*. Stay connected to your caregivers through real-time missed medication alerts.


Easy to Use

  • Manage your medications with our user-friendly app. Get reminders on time, every time.
  • Med and Refill Reminders
  • Be notified when your prescriptions are running low so you are never without your meds.
  • Drug Interaction Warnings
  • Get an alert whenever any of your prescribed medications should not be taken together (US only).
  • “[T]he fact that it will take all your meds in account and alert you to possible issues, let me tell you, I want to cry at how much it means to me.”   —Erika Wilkinson


Family Scheduling

  • List your caregiver as a Medfriend to send them a notification if you accidentally miss a medication. Manage your family members’ medications from one convenient place with our dependents feature.
  • “My daughter had brain surgery and was on multiple Meds, multiple times a day I found this app and my work was simplified 100 times over! Thank you!   —Cody2228, app store review



  • Receive medication coupons and discounts at drugstores at thousands of drugstores nationwide*. (USA) Powered by GoodRx.
  • Communicate with Your Doctor
  • Keep your care team up-to-speed on all of your medications.
  • “I was in the hospital last week and was able to show the doctors what I was on, including all supplements I take. Even the doctors were impressed with this app….”  —Emily A.
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