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AngelSense GPS Tracking - All Ages & Special Needs (US, UK & Canada)

AngelSense GPS Tracking - All Ages & Special Needs (US, UK & Canada)

This product assists with managing independence, providing location and movement insights, keeping children, teens, and adults safe.   





Life-Changing Safety & Independence, Designed for Your Loved One with Special Needs


Wearable attached to clothing and monitored by an app relocation over a daily period with their permission. 


The Only GPS Tracker Designed for Special Needs. A proven safety device with an assistive speakerphone to protect your loved one & give you peace of mind.


AngelSense provides parents, families, and caregivers a comprehensive view of their loved one’s activities, comings, and goings.


  • Track & LocateAdvanced GPS for reliable & accurate location on a live map

    Smart AlertsImmediate alerts for wandering, unfamiliar places, late arrivals & more

  • Allow More IndependenceSafely maintain freedom without compromising safety

    Comfortable WearingEasily attached to clothing, discreetly & securely

  • Assistive SpeakerphoneCheck in & comfort with two-way voice communication for remote support

    SOS ButtonYour loved one can easily contact you with one-click


The device attaches to a loved one’s clothing and can only be removed by the parent or caregiver. It provides a daily timeline of locations, routes, and transit speed and sends an instant alert to caregivers if their loved one is in an unfamiliar place. Accessories include a sleeve, belt, undershirt, and lanyard.


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    Caregivers can listen in to hear what is happening around their loved one, can receive an alert if their loved one has not left for an appointment on time, allows caregivers to communicate with their loved one, and sends an alarm to locate your loved one – wherever they are.

    • Non-Removable WearingDesigned for children with sensory sensitivities, can only be removed with a special parent key

      School Bus MonitoringSee live tracking map, updated ETA, speed, and detailed history for each and every ride

    • Assistive SpeakerphoneAuto-Answer Speakerphone on your child’s device to talk to them during an emergency

      SOS Call RequestKnow right away if your child needs you with the simple & non-intrusive SOS button

    • Emergency Detection AlertsGet immediate alerts for emergencies: Elopement, unfamiliar places, late arrivals and more

      Share Live LocationAt a click of a button, temporarily share a real-time map with search & rescue teams

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