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Monitoring Health


Get powerful insights into what's happening for you or someone you care for, and take back control over what you can to be safe and well.

Up to 70% of chronic diseases are preventable. (Source: WHO)


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Get help with..

  • Communications

  • Be motivated to improve your health

  • Understand what your body's doing

  • Monitor and prevent incidents

  • Get alerts & notifications of irregularities

  • Store, see trends & share with your Dr

  • Peace of mind & confidence

  • Track heart, sleep, blood O2, sleep, blood glucose, apnea, temperature, activity, seizures, stress, medication & symptoms 

  • Smartphones, video calling, voice assistants

  • Personal sos alarms, fall detection

  • Health monitors for heart, sleep, seizures, blood sugar

  • Cameras, door locks, lights, security, movement 

  • Wheelchairs, scooters, trikes

  • Audiobooks, music, robotic pets, mediation

Products like Wearables, Smartwatches, Health technology, Heart rate & blood pressure monitors, Medical grade medical devices, Body composition scales, Apps, Sleep mats

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