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ViaTherapy App - For Use by Clinicians

ViaTherapy App - For Use by Clinicians

This app provides exercise alternatives for rehabilitation, to be assessed and selected by a Physician or Health Professional qualified to determine treatment. It is not intended for direct use by patients.   Please seek your doctor or health professional's advice at all times and follow their guidance and expert advice, personalized for you.


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5+ years of research in the making.

  • This app represents over five years of work by an international panel of stroke and rehabilitation researchers and clinicians from Physiatry, Neurology, and Physical & Occupational Therapy. The collective expertise encompassed research interests in epidemiology, motor control, and knowledge translation.

Learn about the latest therapies.

  • Expand your toolbox of evidence-based interventions as new therapies are added to the ViaTherapy app.. Best practice and evidence-based recovery interventions for upper extremity stroke rehabilitation – 
at your fingertips.

Curated evidence for best practice interventions

  • Spend less time researching and more time with patients. All ViaTherapy’s interventions are based on clinical evidence and best practices

Find the right therapy for your patient's goals

  • ViaTherapy’s tailored questionnaire delivers only the best treatment options based on your patient’s motor impairment and time post-stroke

Wide selection of therapies

  • Choose from self-administered or group interventions

Filter by patient needs

  • Narrow down therapy options by unique patient need such as apraxia or cognitive issues

Star-rating system

  • Easily determine the best therapies for your client’s needs with our star-rating system.
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