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Meural Canvas II Smart Art

Meural Canvas II Smart Art

Framed Art digital canvas - delight a loved one with world-famous art or photos of your own, to provoke memories and inspire;


Choose between a wave of your hand, the Meural app, website, or Amazon’s Alexa.


For more information, or to buy, CLICK HERE


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    Enjoy art and photos; adorn your space with interactive and intelligent quality and lighting, or be closer to a loved one sending them photos as they happen.


    The Meural Canvas Discover art, control your Canvas, and customize settings—right from your phone; swipe or gesture as you walk by or control with your voice.


    Subscribe to Art from the world’s art collection or upload your own. Proprietary blend of hardware, firmware, and software renders images lifelike and textured.

    Anti-glare matte screen Organically deflects light without distorting hue.

    Ambient light sensor. Measures the room’s brightness and automatically adjusts to match. (And puts the Canvas to sleep when the room gets dark.)

    Highlight your greatest photos in their full detail and range of color Easily upload, crop, and optimize your images. Each image is rendered lifelike and textured Create playlists of your favorites Discovering art has never been easier.


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    For more information, or to buy, Click Here

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