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iotTag  Atlas - Wander Care for Aged Care Facility Safety (Australia)

iotTag Atlas - Wander Care for Aged Care Facility Safety (Australia)

This product may help you stay independent for longer, with benefits to you, families, and carers.


iotTag & Atlas, the parent companies of NutTaG, have developed an award winning product called 'Wander Care' for Aged Care Safety & Management.

As specialists in wandering management, fall detection, and asset tracking for dementia patients - in 2019 they were granted the Best Smart Care Technology award for removing the barriers to freedom caused by dementia.  The aim is to remove barriers to freedom without compromising safety or security.


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  • Description

    Wander Care provides internal and external tracking of aged care residents.

    Receive timely notifications if a resident should leave your facility or suffer a fall. Our systems will let you know where the incident occurred to allow an instant response.

    Wandering Management
    We have developed a dedicated solution to enable tracking and reporting of when residents have left your facility.

    Our proprietary system produces immediate notifications when an individual passes outside of your defined safe zones. We can determine a precise timeline including point of exit and direction of travel.

    With help from our partner NutTag Australia, locating of residents is empowered by a ‘Lost & Found Network’ comprising millions of active app users. Should a member of the network pass by a resident, their app will discretely notify you of the updated location.

    Fall Detection
    As an optional addition to our Aged Care systems we can detect and report resident falls within your facility.

    Our advanced algorithms will identify when a fall has occurred and generate an immediate alert, allowing prompt medical attention and containment of the situation.

    Asset Tracking
    Always know where your staff, visitors and assets are. Live reporting of the location of people and objects is achieved through attaching one of our tracking tags to the things you need to track.

    From locating that missing wheelchair to ensuring staff do not enter restricted areas – our asset tracking systems show what you need to know, when you need to know it.

    Community Drive
    Create a safety net around your facility by promoting the use of the tracking app in the local community.

    This increased userbase will not only assist in updating the location of residents once they have exited your facility, but will increase the community’s awareness and engagement in caring

    Wander Care comes in the form of a wristband, with infrastructure set up around the aged-care facility, that constantly reports the location of the wristband allowing residents the freedom to move about the facility freely.

    This I- turn means that they require less attention - freeing up staff time for other residents and improving the care for all residents in the facility - not just those with dementia.

    With a lost and found network, members of the nearby towns can download the Atlas app. The app will alert IRT with the location of the resident. Allowing residents to be found in they wander out of the facility.

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