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Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

Ths product can assist to track health measures to assist with staying well or alerting others.

Google and Fitbit's most accurate heart rate tracking yet.


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Stay motivated to reach your goals by tracking workouts across 40 exercises. And get credit for time spent in different heart rate zones with Active Zone Minutes.

Keep an eye on your heart with the ECG app.
Assess your heart rhythm for atrial fibrillation with the ECG app and easily share results with your doctor.

Check your nightly sleep stages and health metrics.

  • Track your nightly sleep stages and health metrics.
  • Wear your watch to bed to get a Sleep Score, and see metrics like breathing rate and heart rate variability in the Fitbit app for trends that help highlight new habits for better health.

Stay protected with fall detection and Emergency SOS.

  • The Google Pixel Watch can easily alert trusted contacts or emergency services if you’re feeling unsafe. And fall detection helps contact emergency services if you’ve had a hard fall. [Coming soon]

Google Maps helps you find your way.
Google Wallet lets you leave your cards behind.
Google Assistant helps you get more done with your voice.
Gmail and Calendar keep you on track.
YouTube Music puts your songs within reach.

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