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Living Independently - Examples by Space

Home design

Kitchen and Living Spaces

Kitchen and living

These are the spaces to have a phone that's easy to use or a home hub that enables the family to drop in and say hello - for companionship or out of concern.  Being a central space, you'll be able to set and get reminders, and ask the date, time and news as often as you like. "Call Jane". "Play music". "Play a game". "Add to my shopping list". Combined with a smart plug, you can control lights and appliances with your voice. Detect movement. Sensors for smoke and air quality can alert you to problems and notify your family or neighbors.

Products include home hubs, simplified phones, smoke alarms, smart plugs, and smart lights.  These products are extremely reliable, work with a wide range of products, and can be set to work remotely.  Tip: Leave a laminated page of example questions your loved one can ask, set it up with contacts or smart power plugs to voice control appliances, and show the family how to call into it.

Modern Living Room

Types of Products Available

Entry, Doors & Windows

Entry Doors Windows

Keep your family safe, help them out and get peace of mind that you'll know. Smart locks help with increased security, checking remotely if the door is locked, unlocking it for authorized visitors eg neighbors checking in or carers arriving, if keys are forgotten, or if family pops by without a key. The history enables you to monitor activity e.g. cleaners, carers, visitors, or exits at unusual times.

External security cameras can be wireless for easy installation, and have options for floodlights, sirens, and two-way talk. It will capture video and alert you to detect visitors or movement. No need to worry someone's left home and wandered, if they haven't. 

Products include smart locks, cameras, sensors, lights, and video doorbells. These products are reliable and come with accessories like solar, long-life batteries, and apps to share with authorised family so everyone can help out.

arlo floodlight-pro-3-hero.png

Types of Products Available

Bedroom & Bathrooms

Bedroom and bathoom

It's often at night, we worry the most. Be closer to those you care for and make life easier. A phone or hub next to the bed, without a camera, if you prefer, lets you call or talk with those closest for comfort or for help. Ask the news, date, appointments, and time. Set alarms and get reminders. Say "goodnight" and have it turn off the lights (with smart plugs) and send a message to family to say you're in bed. Detect movement. Sensor lights prevent falls by lighting the way if you need to get up.  Check on health signs such as heart, apnea, oxygen or seizures. This can help with getting assistance, understanding sleep quality and diagnosis, when shared with your health professional. 

Products include home hubs, medication reminders, sensor lights, sleep mats, and wearable devices.


Types of Products Available

Throughout the home


Throughout the home, beautifully designed, subtle devices can bring comfort and prevent mishaps. Movement detection let's family know you're moving about. Smoke alarms detect smoke and monitor carbon monoxide, sounding both an audible alarm and notifying family by call or message. Indoor cameras can help find out what's happening if you're worried. Sensors can detect and control taps and water leaks.  Smart plugs can be added to any appliance to remotely switch it on or off, or by setting a schedule.   

Black and White Hallway

Types of Products Available